2 Swords - 4 HGEC Armor Sets - TES IV: Oblivion



Lord RZ
14.05.2023 — 10:40

У нас есть правило: если мод выложен на нашем сайте, ссылки давать необходимо на наш сайт. Пожалуйста, не нарушайте его. Поиск google на форуме справа наверху найдет название безотказно, даже если поиск по базе файлов ничего не дает. Ссылки были исправлены.

We have a rule: if the mod is posted on our site, links must be given to our site. Please don't break it. A google search on the forum at the top right will find the name without fail, even if the search in the file base does not return anything. links have been fixed

Lord RZ, Look in the video description. What do you call those? If this is going to continue being a problem, then I'll just stop sharing my videos on here. I don't want to feel like I'm stepping on any toes.

Lord RZ
16.05.2023 — 15:51

ShadowRavenStudios07, Do not worry. The link rule applies only to Russian-language sites, you have only one such description, which I corrected, the rest do not violate anything. No need to leave, it was a technical note, all is well. The publications are interesting, I found several oriental sites for myself that I did not know. So keep going, thanks.

Lord RZ, Oh! Ok. Are you the one who runs this website? It's truly an honor! I love the work I see on here. The mods are indeed interesting. No worries. I'll keep going. I want to put my main focus on mod reviews from this site with the Russian mods. Thank you for the reply.

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